An amazing travel magazine, that is dedicated to present the most beautiful and unique wedding locations of the World, including the related wedding dress, hairstyle, make-up and of course the decoration. Bringing the engaged couple a step closer to the realization of their dreams and making the wedding a really special day for them. The presenter is a professionally acknowledged, recognized designer for over 20 years, who has made many spectacular wedding decorations and unique bridal bouquets in a number of countries already. The popular Disney animation, Frozen - as a style, appears in one of the episodes, a plane gets an important role on another wedding, we travel back to the world of vintage antique as well, a dreamlike night wedding happens in Tuscany, but the Vespa also takes part in an intimate and trendy wedding amongst straw bales. There is no shortage in extreme weddings either, as to say yes between the sharks is already dangerous enough, but those brides, who prefer a bolder color combination can take a look into a Halloween-style wedding, too.



We are looking for the world most beautiful, romantic and extreme wedding locations. If you know one of these, please send us an email with a picture.


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